Free Website Audit

With our free website audit, you will be able to see what is and isn’t working on your website. From here, you can decide which is the best direction to take to ensure you get the best results for your site.

If your website has technical issues, then it is a waste of time and money to publish new content if the site is being penalized by Google. Let Link Juices audit your site and find the best way to fix and optimize your website to its potential.

Your website is similar to a car. It is no good trying to race it at Monaco if your car has never been serviced and has bald tires.

Your website is the same, if you have broken page links and other technical issues, then Google will not be able to index your pages correctly which could result in a loss of search traffic and rankings.

Contact us at to get your FREE SEO Audit today and don’t forget to put your website url in the email.

Free Backlinks

Everybody likes anything if its Free! here at Link Juices we want to give you some free backlinks to your website that will help your website build domain authority.

Simply email info@linkjuices and include the title-free backlinks. We will then send the details to you, how simple is that!